Goose Island Bourbon County Cherry Wood Stout 2021 16 oz. Bottle
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Goose Island Bourbon County Cherry Wood Stout 2021

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16 oz. Bottle

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Category Stout
Origin United States, Illinois
Brand Goose Island
Alcohol/vol 14.2%
At the heart of each Bourbon County are the wood characteristics we thoughtfully amplify. This year, we took wood complexities to another level by doing something we've never done before: we took fully-matured Bourbon County Stout and finished it with toasted fruitwood-specifically, honeycomb-shaped cherry wood chips. The versatility of the cherry wood and honeycomb shape allowed for maximum flavor extraction, revealing complex characteristics like red fruit, ripe cherry, and light toffee, which are not found in the original oak barrel itself. The result is an amazing elevation and a notable difference from our Original Bourbon County Stout.
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  • ba95

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